Seminar: The Rejuvenation of Fracture Repair: It’s all in the Blood by Prof. Benjamin A. ALMAN

18-07 December

During his short visit to Hong Kong, we are pleased to have Prof. Benjamin A. ALMAN from the Duke University to deliver a seminar on “The Rejuvenation of Fracture Repair:  It’s all in the Blood” on 7 Dec 2018, in a vivid manner, linking the modern clinical applications with the history of the ancient China.

With his excellent presentation skills and novel scientific knowledge and findings, our young scientists and research post-graduate students are greatly encouraged and inspired, in the quest for the advanced understanding on osteopathic illnesses. And we do wish to have Prof. ALMAN to pay us again a visit in the coming future and to have academic exchange with our fellow members.

Prof. Rocky TUAN (Vice-Chancellor and President of the CUHK) greeted the audience and briefly introduced Prof. ALMAN on his distinguished academic achievements.

Excellent talk delivered by Prof. ALMAN

Souvenir presented by Prof. Rocky TUAN